Meet Senator Elisha Ishaku Abbo 41 year old who slapped and arrested a nursing mother in an Abuja adult toy shop. He was the one that nominated Ndume for SP, he put head to nominate Ndume after men Senators declined to do so. He is from Adamawa State. Adamawa always have new sets of Senators just like Bayelsa.

I think the police should arrest him and his police aides.

Senator Elisha (PDP) won Adamawa North Senatorial District against Binta Masi Garba of APC. He scored 79k and Binta scored 63k.

He once sued the Nigerian Navy for refusing him training bc of his HIV health status.

During the assault, he was seen slapping the woman twice and his aides pushing her. Everything was recorded by the CCTV 100%. On seeing himself on SM, he has since reached out to the family but Keyamo will not allow any settlement.

Initially, when the matter was reported to the police the second day 12 05 2019, the police did not want to take action bc Elisha and the AIG of that area are friends. Elisha has been a customer to the shop for more than 4 years and the shop owner knew him. But it was the shop owner’s friend that was beaten up and arrested. Elisha was angry bc one of the girls that followed him to the shop suddenly fell sick and vomited. Elisha himself was drunk.

He is a “Gucci” Senator behaving exactly like Dino in terms of being materialistic and accumulating toys and cars !!!! He is a hard man. His health status makes him to see everybody as an enemy discriminating against him even if you are meeting him for the first time and you have never had any info about him !!!

Elisha said that the video event happened before he became a Senator and that his Adamawa APC enemies exhumed the video posted it on SM. He insisted that the video was edited but that the full video must be shown.

Meanwhile, both Secondus and Ologbondiyan are in the mute status !!!!

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