The servant of the  most high God at ‘INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church’, Oke -Afa, Lagos, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, has made it clear that the big pastors in Nigeria are making life more difficult and unbearable for the poor masses.

The Ekiti born most philanthropist servant of God made this statement during a chat with media recently. He said ‘The big churches in Nigeria are making life more unbearable  for the poor people, their schools are not meant  for the people, they rely on tithes and their markets too expensive for the poor masses to operate.  They should learnt to how to help the less privileged, they should build schools and hospitals for the people at very low prices.


I’m not  boasting , if you ask anybody around this Isolo and other parts of Lagos that you are going to church where the widows and less privileged are been  cared for, they will not take you to any other place than INRI, we also gives free portable water to the people. The so called men of God should borrow a leaf from us’.

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