I can make Igbo man the Nigerian next President-Sat Guru MaharaJi- J

The Perfect Living Master, Sat Guru Maharaji-j has said that he is capable of making an Igbo man the next president of this country.

The Ibadan born spiritualist made this known during a chat with your darling Ojutole Blog. He said ‘ If you look it very well, you would discovered that  the Igbos were marginalized when it comes to the presidency, only Hausa and Yorubas are ruling  the country and this act is very bad.The Igbos have brought a lot of development to this nation.

If  the Igbos seek for help from Maharaj J, i will make them the next president and i want you to be rest assured that they cannot divide the country. If i make the Igbos the president and they messed up, i have horse tail to discipline them’.He noted.



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