I can make Osinbajo President of Nigeria- SatGuru Maharaj Ji

The founder of ‘One Love Family’ and Perfect Living Master, Satguru Maharaj Ji has said that he is capable of making the Nigerian Vice-President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo president.

He made this known to the press during the Journalists hangout hold at Satguru MahajJi Village Iju Waterworks, Lagos State.

He said ‘ The recent demand made to the president Buhari by a league of female legislators does not in any way constitute a threat to Vice President Osinbajo’s position. Instead of making demands for high office position, Nigerian women should commit  themselves to doing relevant hard work for attaining such heights.

Its taboo for the woman to lead as a Governor, President, she could be made a minister, commissioner,head of bank or industry. I therefore, encourage Vice President, Osinbajo to waver not, his fate in government is not in the hand of woman or group of women. Maharaj Ji is fully behind him and can make him President anytime in the future if he so desires. I urge the Vice-Presidency demanding female legislators to drop their demand and pick up something else’.

He also said he came to world to save the mankind as Jesus Christ did, he said ‘You will observe that Jesus was said to have ended his missionary service at 33 years and fortunately by divine providence, the current Satguru Maharaj Ji started his life saving mission at  33  years, in the same vein, twelve disciples, were randomly arrested after the destruction of Iju Ashram on July 6 and 7,1999, as my sacrifice to save the world.

Speaking on his 38th years anniversary, of One Love Family,said would give the people the grace to receive divine knowledge, to become immortal and have 100 percent guaranteed safety on land, sea and air free from human destruction and bondage and to tap the grace from being a consumer and un-productive to a productive  scientific person that would have access to trillion of natural information from seven element which constitute the universe.

Furthermore, he also said that,it’s not necessary for the pilgrimages to go to Jerusalem and Mecca any longer, rather they should go to Holy land at Guru Maharaji J village to seek for divine knowledge.

He explained more that he cannot estimate the damages done to the Iju Ashram on July 6th and 7th 1999 because the damages were enormous to be estimated.



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