How Comfort Idowu raises her bar in Nollywood

Talented and unassuming actor and producer Comfort Idowu Timothy has raised the bar in Nollywood with her unending acting prowess and outstanding productions in the industry of the years.

The dynamic active actor from Ilesha Osun State is so passionate about the movie industry and her undying love for acting has been her propelling force since her childhood.

She started her education career from Epe Girls High School before moving to Lagos State Polytechnic for her high educational degree.
Information has it that Mr. & Mrs. Ige Abiodun the caring parents of Comfort has been very supportive in building her acting career from her tender age.
Those who should know disclosed that Comfort who started acting professionally since 2014 is a bundle of talents that is rare to find among her peers in the biggest make believe industry in Africa popularly known as Nollywood.

Information also revealed the actor cum producer is a good story teller that has made wow movies such a Oju Meji, Bi Okan Mi and One Night Stand produced by her.
Comfort also disclosed that “Every good actor in the movie world is her mentor”. And she doesn’t discriminate whether you are a Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa actor.
The creative actor and producer who has featured in Lekki Wives Season 3, Warrior Boys In Lagos , Yokulu Yokulu , Marriage Contract , Bi Okan Mi and many more squealed that nothing can make her stop acting in this world no matter what because that is what she enjoys doing.

Comfort Idowu Timothy, the humble actor wishes to advice the upcoming ones in the industry to be focused and ready to learn the right way to stardom.

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