” It is exactly 6 years today, living with Foluke as my wife. At first, it wasn’t very clear to me how we would be able to sustain it this long, but the grace of God and her outstanding character as a woman of value, dignity and integrity has made it possible.

Foluke, though not perfect, is a very loyal and fantastic lover; a woman of outstanding character and impeccably good and clean heart.

Yes! She is a celebrity, but she has not allowed that to affect her resolve to continue to have a home and a man she can continue to call her own. She had not allowed her celeb status to get into her head!

So, I appreciate and love her for being real, resilient and generally good around me. We are 6 years old today and I pray it shall continue to count like that under the grace of our maker.

Foluke is a celebrity, but who does not allow that to get into her head; her relationship and what we share.

And, I will always appreciate and be proud of her, for who she has proved to be around me in the past 6 years.

Besides, another reason our marriage is working, is that she is very understanding; modest; she is living my life, and at a point in the journey, encouraged me to go and make up with my first family.

Yes! She was highly instrumental to it. And, today, my first wife; my children and I are solidly back together. All of us are happy together.

It is 6 gracious years today and still counting…”


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