For the quick intervention of police on patrol, two secondary school female students would have been lynched to death as they were caught in the act of lesbianism.
Recently, it was reported that the cases of gay practice has become rampant in the area despite tough penalty victims suffer when caught in the act.
We learnt that Ada, 18 years and her lesbian friend, Blessing 21, have been under watchful eyes without their knowledge until the faithful day when they were caught. They are students of a government secondary school in the area.
They were quickly taken away by police to escape being killed as penalty anybody caught in such act suffers in the area.
It could be recalled that a young man suffered same fate in the area some years back when he and his gay partner were caught.
A man who spoke on the condition of anonymity said, “The spate of the practice is becoming worrisome in the area, and we found it disgracing seeing young children of less than twenty years involved in gay practice. They wanted to desecrate our land, and this we shall not accept. The Bible is against it and we shall too vehemently.”
 Recounting same event that claimed the life of a young man in the area, he said, “It was a black Friday on15th of January 2014 when Onima James was gruesomely murdered having been caught in the act with his fellow gay partner named Mr. Ogboli Henry, 29 years old who happened to be an assistant area pastor in The Glorious Church of Christ, Sapele Parish, Delta State, Nigeria.
“Mr. Ogboli who hailed from Aniocha South LG invited his close friend to a popular hotel in Sapele where they were caught by the manager of the hotel who raised alarm over their homosexual act.
Immediately the news went round, irate crowd that gathered descended on the duo while Mr. Ogboli Henry escaped; his sex partner was unfortunate as he was seriously beating and this resulted to his untimely death.”
Despite wild condemnation against jungle justice gay suffers, yet people caught in such act are never spared and this has resulted to many untimely death of youngsters.
This was the case of Onima James and Ogboli Henry. Though Henry was fortunate to have escaped, but his partner could not.
We learnt the family charged the Nigeria Police force to go after those that were behind his death; especially some of the staff of the hotel who blew the whistle on them but no arrest was made so far based on record.
Having lost their son and properties worth millions of naira, members of the family said, the community was being unfair to them because it was an act between two people, while they suffered, the Pastor who lured their son to the act escaped and his where about still unknown while their family suffered all alone.

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