A resident of Fadausi Street , Ijeshatedo , Lagos State , Kenile Nwabuzor , has killed herself following protracted disagreements between her and her boyfriend identified as David .

We  gathered that the duo had endured an unhealthy relationship since they met about two years ago .

Our correspondent learnt that the matter came to a head on Thursday , April 11 , 2019 when the 26 – year -old hairdresser decided to commit suicide after David reportedly said he was no longer interested in the relationship .

Shortly before the incident , she was said to have sent a text message to her boyfriend , lamenting he had made life miserable for her and that she would soon kill herself .

Speaking to our correspondent during the week , David , a graduate , said he hooked up with Nwabuzor two years ago while she was mourning the death of her mother .

He said Nwabuzor , who is a secondary school leaver , expressed fears that their relationship might not work out because of the disparity in their educational qualifications.

He stated , “ She was my girlfriend and I loved her so much . We started dating each other about two years ago . She was not that literate , but I told her it didn’ t matter. When we met , she was in distress .

Her mother just died then and she was living alone . She said she could not live without her mother . Her brothers are based in Ghana, but they usually sent her money .

“ She told me she finished secondary school, but I don ’t think so. I really wanted to help her improve on her education. She easily got angry and if she had a disagreement with someone, she might not talk to that person again for years.

As our relationship continued , I tried to correct her. I persuaded her to be going to church and bought a Bible for her. We usually had disagreements over petty issues .

“ If we had a misunderstanding , I could be in her house for hours begging her and she would not say anything. If I decided to go , that would be another fight . At times , the misunderstanding would last for days . ”

David , a photographer, told TOP NEWS that Nwabuzor usually accused him of being promiscuous, adding that he found it difficult to dispel her belief .

“ Because of the nature of my job , I have girls around me . She would be complaining that I was going out with them .

I tried to tell her that she needed to trust me . I also saw boys around her because she was beautiful , yet I trusted her.

“ Recently , she said I didn’ t love her again. She changed her phone ’s password to deny me access to her phone . She accused me of sleeping with women . It was true many ladies wanted me to ask them out , but I ignored them , ” he added.

David explained that four days before the unfortunate incident , he had missed Nwabuzor ’s calls while on an assignment at an event. He said he got back home late that day and returned her calls , but she did not pick them .

The photographer stated that when he called Nwabuzor the next day , she started insulting him and he ended the call .

He went on , “ She sent me text messages , but I didn’t reply. On Tuesday , I went to her house to return the charger she lent me and when I was about to leave , she returned all the things I had bought for her.

That night , she sent a text message to me , saying that I had stopped loving her since December 2018 when we had fun at different places.

“ She said she was no longer interested in the relationship . In my reply, I told her she was free to find her peace anywhere else . On Wednesday morning , I thought about everything again. I knew she was depressed and I had been the person encouraging her.

I sent her another message, begging her. Most times, she would be the one to say she was not interested in the relationship , yet she would be crying. I was always the one saying sorry .

“ That Thursday , she came to our house for the first time and met with my parents. That was the day my father knew her as my girlfriend .

She reported me to him and said she was no longer interested in the relationship . My father sought my opinion and I said I didn’ t have any comment .

“ She started crying . She called one of her brothers and told him she was coming to Ghana. My father is a clergyman . He tried to counsel her. As my father was talking to her, she was crying. At a point, she stood up and left. Afterwards, I left for my workplace .”

David told our correspondent he was in the studio when he received WhatsApp voice messages from Nwabuzor , but he was busy to listen to them .

He said she later sent a text message to him , saying , “ You want to kill me ; I will help you kill myself. Thank you for making my life a hell . ”

He said immediately after he read the message , he took a motorcycle and headed for her house .

“ On getting there , I peeped from her window and saw her body dangling on a rope tied to the ceiling . I shouted and barged into her room .

Her neighbours helped me loose the rope while I brought her down . She was already heavy , but I was not feeling the weight .

“ I was not in my right senses again. I took her on a motorcycle to a nearby hospital. She was referred to Randle General Hospital .

A doctor confirmed her dead on arrival. I called her brother and relations. The police arrested me and detained me for two days . They said I should not have brought her down , ” he stated .

Our correspondent learnt that the deceased was buried on Saturday , April 13 which was David ’ s 26 th birthday .

“ I have lost my sleep these days because of the incident . I am still going through the trauma ,” David added .

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer , DSP Bala Elkana , who confirmed the incident , said the police had received a distress call from the general hospital that one Kenile Nwabuzor was brought in dead by her boyfriend .

He said, “ Preliminary investigation revealed that the lady had earlier sent a text message to her boyfriend that she would kill herself .

Her corpse was removed and deposited in the Lagos Mainland Hospital morgue. ”