Meet Oladele Ezekiel, Nigerian music act, who infuses ‘Apala and Afro Beat Style’

Oladele Ezekiel, popularly known as DM2, is a young Nigerian act with lot of talents and creativity.

The multi award winning dude has taken his music to another dimension by infused an indigenous music known as  Apala to Afro Beat Music, with this, he has carved a niche for himself as the creator of Afro-Apala Beat.

Oladele, just released a single titled ‘Atewo’ ‘Clap, since it introduction to  the music world, ‘Atewo’ has gained popularity among the youths and old alike.

The new effort of Oladele, who has shared stage with many notable music acts in Nigeria has became the toast of lovers of good music in Nigeria.  

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