MOVIE STAR, LIZZY ANJORIN CURSES HATERS ‘You and your generation will never be congratulated insha Allah’

Social media users woke up this morning to see a video and a post from one of Nigeria’s Nollywood stars, Alhaja Aisha Lizzy Anjorin. The post suggested that this popular Actor and Borokini Adinni is furious  again with someone or group of people in the entertainment industry.
In a bid to drive home her point; Eganmidogo as she is popularly called has posted this on social media….

“You have been enjoying yourself from one political rally to another …you ‘ve been enjoying yourself from your man or one bed to another…you ‘ve been sleeping on your bed or bed of your choice. I ‘ve been sleeping on bare floor or single bed with bed bugs …you ‘ve been eating food of your choice,

I ‘ve been eating rotten and sour food/bread ,fruit and water …you just wake up one day to hate me or say trash about my deadly hustle … all should enjoy your money you get from campaign or your means but never envy me when my glory is shinning ….

The energy you all gathered to dance and walk around, just use it to utilize the money you all get from the ish**…at least the whole world can see who collects money from politicians now …All my life, I never join trash to sell masses but this same evil oloriburuku will be saying trash and showing hatred against me calling me names ..eni kuure will see them on social media or real life cir….”
The post reads…


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