Nigeria Association For Coming Adults of Canada inc.(NAYA),led by its president,Shola Agboola has paid a courtesy visit to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo,former president  of Nigeria.
   During the visitation which came up on 25th of April at his ota, Abeokuta, Ogun state residence,the association provided an update on their current activities and its increasing partnership and collaboration with other organization whose mandate and visions are envisaged as strong factor and incentives to the actualization of its vision and the promotion of investment and other collaboration in Nigeria.
     The issues discussed during the visitation were NAYA’s confirmed effort in attracting free donation of medical supplies and educational resource material across different parts of Nigeria, its effort in attracting investors to Nigeria and the opportunities that abound for foreign and local inventors in the country. The large opportunity of collaborating with California congressional caucus delegation and the international Black Chamber Commerce to increase the confidence and credibility which US investors will hear on NAYA’S efforts to bring actual investment to Nigeria and many more.
NAYA seize the opportunity to invite Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to the  African American Recognition Award in Washington DC in  September during the Congressional Black Caucus  event as the association see the formal president as a breach between the young and old in ensuring Nigeria’s unity and smooth growth of the country Democratic process.
The President of NAYA, Shola Agboola was emotional and started dropping tears while discussing with Obasanjo
when asked why he was crying, he said, “l was emotional because Obasanjo takes me like his biological son, he calls me whenever I fail to call him, and he behave to me as if I’m one of his children,” he concluded.
  Mr. Shola Agboola has in NAYA’s entourage,the delegation from California Black Caucus led by its president, Dr. Zyra Mc cloud ,His eminence Arch Bishop Samson Mustapha Benjamin who is the president and former of Africa Economic Empowerment Initiative, the members of PUAN ambassador led by its president Amb. Cept Dabas Suleiman and the media crew.
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