New Video “Onuru Ube” Is A Pride To My Fans And Face Reality Record – R~B Singer, Oyo C Bluffs

The name Monday Ohabuiro Chijioke Benson might be too long and ambiguous to ring any bell in Nigeria music scene but when “OYO C” is mentioned, even a satisfied blinded man who’s on top of the trending songs in Naija would shake head having been rocking the scene for over a decade now.
The Abia State R~B, Highlife and Dance-hall singer, Oyo C has finally hit the music world with new video.
His new single titled Onuru Ube, is currently speaking the volume and enjoying airwaves at the moment. In this piece Rahman Ismail, Oyo C bares it all about the single and the new video of Onuru Ube song. Read on.
What’s the latest from your end?
Yeah! Just released single titled Onuru Ube where Oyo-c baba ft Sean breeze, produced by Mr E and directed by Irok Virnlz.
What’s the meaning?
Onuru Ube is an extraction from Ibo language and it ‘s a means of expressing dissatisfaction to your brother or uncle who has money but unwilling to extend helping hand to you his sibling but prefer to respond to girlfriends need and all.
Is it your true life story or mere myth?
It’s  my true  life story. It’s something that happened to me as a person. I used the title purposely to communicate and Express my pains to the concerned individual in my family who are in position to help but declined.
 Don’t you think this would trigger more enmity between you and the concern persons in your family once they listen to the music?
Not at all! The song is a piece of advice for whoever is treating his or her family in such manner. I am cool with my family nothing like enmity between us. The message of the song is something that travel far beyond my own experience, it’s  something to be digested by whoever is the victim. Do you know that I might also be the victim of the song to others within the family who thought I have more than them but decide not  to help. The person you are accusing of not helping you has his own shortcomings  unknowingly to you.
You never can say where shoe’s pitching him. In a nutshell, the message of the song is a mere signal of being kind to your family whenever they are in need of your help because if the table turns around they are the one that would be there for you.
Is this your first single ever?
Nope! I have done series of singles in the past among which were: “Duro igbo version”, “Come Be My Sugar”, “One Raa” and host of others.
Do you sing in Igbo language?
I use pigin English with the touch of Ibo flavour
How long have been in the music industry?
I started professionally in 2009.
How can you describe the experience so far?
Wow! It’s  being so rough and cool as well.
Had there been any point in time you feel like quitting?
Sure! It’s  being a very struggle moment for me when I first started, at a point I felt like quit and venture into another stuff but immediately I got that negative thought the encouragement would come from nowhere and I will suddenly have a rethink.
What’s that spirit that is keeping you going?
I will say it is fate and believe in God’s power of turning things around. I have begun to see the turning up of people courtesy this new single.
Have you shot the video?
Yes, the video is the talk of the town right now. The video is making me proud because I have never experienced the kind of acceptability I am getting from the video before. People love it and the traffic keeps skyrocketing on a daily basis, just Google OYO C BABA to cut  the glimpse and it’s  being streaming on some cable TV stations and radios.
How can you describe the quality of the video?
It’s  superb my brother, is it the serenity of good location used or well experienced and wonderful production crew or massive equipments that matched up with international standard used I should talk about? I wouldn’t  want to talk much on the quality because as the saying goes, “a good product needs not an advert, it’s  automatically advertise itself through referrals.”
Who do you model yourself after as a role model?
I love and look up to all great artistes that are doing well in the industry because they dish out something that people wants that’s  what make them great musicians but personally I am passionate about Timaya and Flavour. Whenever I listen or watch Timaya’s video I see the part of me in him. I love his charistma and energetic performance. It’s  part of my dreams to duet with him in the nearest future.
Talk about your stage name OYO C how do you come about the name?
The whole acronyms was the extraction of prefix from my grand father’s name, father’s name and my real name comes together to form OYO C.
Have you been signed to any record label?
Yes. I am currently signed under Face Reality Record.
Are they in Lagos or Abia State?
None! Face Reality, It’s an international music label based in Europe.
Let’s  shift base to your private life, is Oyo C married?
Not yet. I am single and searching.
How can a very handsome man like you be searching lol?
Yes my brother because it’s  complicated.
How do you manage women being a good looking public figure?
I am able to manage them effectively by the grace of God.
What  would be your reaction if a strange lady throw her shut at you?
(Laughing….) I can’t  shun her all I need in that respect is diplomacy. If a lady walks up to me and said to me she loves me would I say no I don’t love you? NO! I will only play along with her and show her how beautiful it is if we can just be friend that’s  if I don’t have any affection for her. lol
Reach out to your fans?
Thanks to you guys, I love you and I promise never to let you down, keep subscribing to my video and listen to my vibes. I love you all.

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