‘It was December, 1997, on my way to my mother’s shop in the morning to assist her. I had N170 in my pocket, then Pasuma wonder’s poster cut my attention in front of a recording studio at pako Aguda bus-stop, Surulere, Lagos owned by ‘Inawole’ as we fondly call Boda Rafiu (now one of the Pasuma wonder’s managers).
I entered his kiosk which was built with wood, then asked for Pasuma’s latest album titled ‘The Man’, he gave me a copy (casset) and i duly paid N120 out of my N170 (that was the first time I bought any cassette with my money). Don’t ask me how I got the money – your guess is as good as mine.
Also, I remember vividly too in 2012, it was December again and Pasuma just dropped another album named ‘Gateway’ – my stipend was 10K as an Industrial training (IT) student some where at Shitta, adjacent Adeniran Ogunsanya street, Lagos. As it has now become customary with me to buy his latest album every december – I quickly removed N120 from the pittance (which incedentally was my first pay) to buy that one too.
There is a confluence between me and the ‘Ijoba fuji’ himself but where we met, i don’t know.
The long and short of my story is this: Yesterday, as i listens to many of his songs including ‘The Man’. Inside one of the two tracks he said: ‘Ariwo Paso lotun Paso wonder losi jen to be jube lo.. ipo tan fi mi si kintun ga jube lo.. ninu millionaire ton be ni ‘lu naija – to ba kami mon won oba olohun mashope’
This is where i am going. He prayed to be FAMOUS in 1997 and today, his name rings bell everywhere – even beyond his own projection and imagination.’ The Man’ is now a house-hold name in every nook and crany of Nigeria. Secondly, he also wanted to be among the millionaires in this country, he’s achieve that too. Whether Pasuma now ‘shope’, as he promised to in ’97 – surely he does
That is the potency of powerful affirmation and unwavering positive thinking. Pasuma called it forth 19 years ago and before today, he had already accomplished it. You too can become and achieve your heart desires. Just call it and belief it. There is no limit to what you can achieve in this life. The key is in your hand, use it!
Bola Kareem

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