Renown social commentator, Olukayode Salako Writes about MC Oluomo

 Image may contain: 2 peopleOlukayode Salako, a renown social commentator in Nigeria, writes on recent attack on MC Oluomo and the phenomenon that gave birth to his activities and other  element like him in Nigeria social and political landscape.

He said ‘If the truth must be told, these guys we all criticize for being who they are in our system, are all a product of the socio-political system we have created and built for ourselves in Nigeria! Does it, therefore, make sense that we condemn and criticize some for their troubles in the system, while the same system keeps elevating some as Aare ona; Area father; senator; governor and Offa bank robbery king pins et cetera! Isn’t that abberative?!

I have learnt to be careful in joining critics or anybody to condemn anybody in the Nigerian socio-political space any longer. Because, that person you are condemnuing or calling a ‘thug’ or a ‘rogue’ today, can be your Aare ona kaka; Oshoko, Senator Mela or personal boys of the Senate president from Offa tomorrow.

If you are calling Mc names, but what of those who were in the same social vocation with him yesterday, and today they have been elevated to become the heroes and celebrities of our societies in Nigeria?!

Mc and many others are simply a product of the kind of system we have built to keep running our society. That is the way we like it! That is the way we enjoy it! It is about our socio-political system!

So, we cannot keep elevating some and expect others too, not to keep working so hard for the same kinds of social rewards, elevation and celebration those who were a social abberation in our midst yesterday have got today.

It is a truism that a people will always deserve the kind of leaders, police, celebrities and social heros they get. This is a system where even area boys and political ‘thugs’ are elevated as our police officers and personal aides of our most ‘distinguished’ lawmakers et cetra, while our decent children and university graduates, are gala and chin chin sellers in our streets in Nigeria!

We just cannot continue to condemn others for working to build their own relavance too,, when some are getting elevated and becoming socially powerful, prominent and relevant in the socio-political space for doing it every now and then.

I may not be Mc Oluomo’s friend and his social vocation may not be what I will ever want to identify with, but I have stopped criticizing peculiar social characters like him, because those we thought were also ‘thugs’ and social ‘misfits’ yesterday in our midst, have become high chiefs; senators; House of Reps lords; governors and social celebs of high ‘repute’ in our system today.

Mc Oluomo; Kunle Poly; Dino Melaye and co. are simply a product of the kind of societal system we have built for ourselves in Nigeria. If what they are in the system, is not okay for the system, then the system wouldn’t have been encouraging it and even rewarding them with ‘enviable’ elevations.

In Nigeria, to be realistic, if you are not a person of mean, hard, dangerous, troublesome, abberative, daring and questionable social character, you can hardly be attractive to the people in power for opportunities in Nigeria.

You can hardly be given deserved attention; you can hardly be noticed; you can hardly be socially prominent and relevant; You can hardly make it big in Nigeria. You can hardly be qualified for high social chieftaincy titles and political positions in Nigeria. You can hardly live without stress and frustration in Nigeria!

That is why I keep saying it, that all those Nigerians, who cherish and appreciate quality, decent and peaceful way of life, are no longer in Nigeria. They have since left Nigeria. They have relocated away from Nigeria! They are abroad in search of the types of lives they want or deserve.

We can all keep criticizing Mc and co. today for being who they are, and our system, as usual, decides to elevate them to become our Aare ona kakaka tomorrow!

I may never be one of those, who can ever be attracted to Mc and the like’s social vocations in Nigeria, but let the truth be be told, they are simply the products of our ill conceived social system in Nigeria.

That is the way it is here in our own country. It is the peculiar nature of the character and orientation of our social system that is creating and building it!

All the same, I wish Mc Oluomo soonest recovery!

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