Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, the servant of most high God at ‘INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church’, Oke-Afa, Lagos, South-West, Nigeria is a prophet who his earlier prophesies have came  to pass on several occasions.

Last Saturday, the very humble and most philanthropist man of God rolled out his yearly prophesies for 2019 and beyond. He also used the gathering to present his prophetic book titled ‘Warning to the Nation 2018/2019 and beyond to the media.

In the book, the Ekiti born servant of God released shocking revelations about Nigeria and other countries. He revealed the revelations as  they were revealed to him by the most high God in politics, economy, education,security, sports, entertainment and others.

Some of the revelations were below for your consumption.



The spirit of God revealed to me that in Nigeria many of the Government Agencies and Parastatals will be merged. Various issues will come up, that will be instrumental to the merging and scrapping of some of the Government Agencies. Let us pray against genocide in Nigeria. We must pray against blood bath and crisis situations that will be worrisome in the country.

There will be series of agitations about restructuring in Nigeria and of course Nigeria will want to break up and this may come in the nearest future. Let us pray so that the international community will not be involved because Nigeria as it is now is worrisome
Let us pray against street protests against the government and the stoning of some politicians.

Let us rebuke the writing of negative stories with intent to dent the image of Nigeria and the Citizens. I foresee that many Nigerians will be frustrated. The problems of the herdsmen will soon fizzle out.

The Nigerian government should be alive to its responsibilities on security threats in the country. Let us pray so that no King, Obi, Eze or Emir will be stabbed or shot to death. I foresee that the people from the Eastern part of the country that is the area agitating for the state of Biafra will stage public protest. I foresee that women from this area will go on rampage and stage a protest naked.
Many Nigerians will complain loudly.


I foresee that the Government will mismanage the recovered money and other monies recovered from other sources. The spirit of God revealed to me that the recovered loots will not be disbursed accordingly or spent judiciously.


I foresee that Nigeria will take steps to improve more on agriculture so as to develop the country. However, government will only make promises but will not achieve the desired result as expected. Those farmers that are in need of farming tools and fertilizer and other farm implements will be disappointed. I foresee that consideration for agricultural loans will be tied to

Political patronage and not merit and performance. The agricultural sector will need much support and backing of the banks but the Lord said loan seekers will meet brick walls. Farmers will solicit for money to develop agriculture but will be disappointed.

There will be outbreak of Bird-flu that will kill a lot of birds in the country. Most of our local rice will get there someday. To boost food production, government will continue to mouth rearing of animals, fish farming and snail farming; but the government will not go beyond lip service in this regard. I foresee cases of fraud in respect of money set aside by government to support agriculture.
There will be more money from the sale of cocoa produce this year. CASHEW The price of Cashew nuts will go up. CASSAVA Cassava will be very expensive in the year HIDES AND SKIN The price of hides and skin will rise in the market due to higher demands.


There will efforts by groups and individuals to frustrate the election. The Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] will be confused. The card readers deployed by INEC to verify Voters detailed information will not work in most places. There will be outcries by voters as the card will reject many intending voters. INEC should pray against the burning down of its office as the electoral body will face challenges. Concerning INEC officials, there will be problems for them. They will need funds. Election in Nigeria 2019 needs a lot of prayers and guidance because the election will cause a lot of troubles.
right election results. Money will be used apart from intimidation. These are the words of the Lord.


NLC The Nigeria Labour Congress and the government will have lot of issues because of the remuneration of workers. The Labour Minister will deceive the workers by not telling them the actual outcome of their discussion with government on workers welfare packages. The NLC will behave like a toothless barking dog because the NLC negotiating will not have what it takes to achieve success.


John Elton, Olubadan of Ibadan: Oba Saliu Adetunji, Akintola Williams, Robert Mugabe, Tabo Mbeki, Folake Solanke, Lateef Jakande, Jeremiah Oseni, Ibrahim Babangida, Abdusalami Abubakar, Shehu Shagari, Babagana Kingibe, Abba Folawiyo,Subomi Balogun, Awujale of Ijebu Land: Oba Sikiru Adetona, Otaru of Auchi: Alhaji Aliru Momoh, Owaobokun of Ijesa Land: Oba Adekunle Aromolaran, Obong of Calabar: Edidem Ekpo Okon Abasi-Otu vi , J.P Clark, Chief Tony Anenih, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, Pius Akinyelure, Alex Ferguson, Dr Yomi Finnih, Dr Fredrick Fasheun, Peter Odili, David Jemibewon, Attah of Igala: Dr Idakwo Ameh Oboni, Pele of Brazil: Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Ewi of Ado Ekiti: Oba Rufus Adejugbe, Emir of Ilorin, Alhaji Zulu Gambari, Mike adenuga, Gabriel Igbinedion, Aretha Franklin, Most Reverend Samuel Abidoye, Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Ade, Kessington Adebutu, Maurice Iwu, Mr Babatunde Savage, Paul Ogwuma, Present Ilorin Chief Iman: Sheik Bashir Soliu OON Francis Arthur Nzeribe, John Odigie Oyegun, Jerry Rawlings, Patrice Talon, Vice President of Ghana: Mahamudu Bawumia, Malaysia Prime Minister: Mahathir Mohamad , President Mohammadu Buhari, Atiku Abubakar, Paul Biya, Alex Duduyemi, Rasak Okoya, Chukwuemeka Ezeife, Iyorchia Ayu, General Ike Nwachukwu, Wole Soyinka, Humphrey Nwosu, Bamanga Tukur, Bode George, Yakubu Gowon, Victor Olaiya, Bill Gates, Nasir El Rufai, Senator Abdullahi Adamu , Otunba Johnson Fasawe, Omololu Olunloyo, Oladipupo Diya, Richard Akinjide, Ernest Shonekan, Kofi Annan, Ban ki moon, Pope Francis, Jerry Gana, Amos Adamu, Issa Hayatu, General Tunji Olurin, President of Chad: Idriss Deby, Akran of Badagry: Aholu Menu Toyi, Alex Akinyele, Chinwoke Mbadinuju, Chief Emeka Anyaoku, Alhaji Hassan Danbaba, Prince Phillip, Arthur Eze, Senator John McCain, Chief Ayo Adebajo, J.K Randle, Sepp Blatter. These leaders need prayers for good health, divine protection and not to be bereaved.
ls will be reviewed because many of them will be politically motivated.


BUDGET 2019 This will not make for better results for the economy of the country. The government will make a budget proposal that will not be fully implemented due to reasons that cannot be fully ascertained. I foresee that in the budget for 2019 there will be a lot of controversies that will make the government not to understand the logic of the budget. The fact is the budget will be mismanaged irrespective of who will manage it. Thus, the budget will not serve the expected purpose. The National Assembly will pass the budget as quickly as possible but the fact is it will not be adequately and properly executed.


I foresee that there will be killings that will make even the government to panic. I foresee the emergence of a new militant group in Nigeria that will be deadlier than the notorious Boko Haram. Furthermore, there is going to be flooding and let us rebuke death of an Islamic scholar and a leading Pastor. Let us rebuke the death of any former Senator or Federal Minister. There will be a new approach to Nigeria politics. I foresee that a new set of people will come up in Nigeria to play partisan politics. Let us be watchful so that there will be no kidnapping in a new dimension. There will be a lot of crimes. Corruption in Nigeria will still persist both in the political and economic fronts.

Government will find different means to fight corruption. Corruption will be at the advanced level in the country. There will be serious needs for the international community to work with Nigeria in the war against corruption. Let us rebuke cholera outbreak, stealing of babies in hospital and unexpected explosions in the country.

The country needs prayers to succeed. Let us pray so that no Government House will be attacked and let us wage war against the use of explosives illegally. Let us pray against attacks in Churches and Mosques. Let us also rebuke blood bath in every part of the country. There will be so many threats to our democracy in Nigeria and the government must be careful about this. In the year 2027 Nigeria population will be on the increase recording a figure of at least 250 million people,
yet there will be no meaningful development. I foresee the creation of new local governments in some states to just serve the political purpose. In Nigeria let us rebuke earthquake, road and airline crashes and ship wreck. Let us pray against unexpected killings and oppression from Security Agents. The country needs to be watchful of killings and blood bath. Let us pray so that we will not lose any former governor. Kano, Kaduna, Kwara, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, Yobe, Jigawa and Borno States must be watchful of threats to security The Nigeria government will be under serious threats from foreign countries and the Human Rights Groups due to violations of the people Rights. I foresee that the people will criticize the government of Buhari for so many anti people policies. I foresee series of avoidable killings that the government must do something on.

Nigeria needs prayers a lot to achieve its desires. Let us pray not to mourn the death of any Chief Judge in Nigeria. I foresee that people will be angry. Nigeria will want to grow economically. Let us pray to rebuke the death of onetime President. We need fervent prayers to avert blood bath and strange happenings hither to unknown in the annals of the country. Whether it is the Buhari government or not we need prayers. The government will be wasteful in spending and the poor will still remain poor people.


THE NIGERIAN SUPREME COUNCIL FOR ISLAMIC AFFAIRS – NSCIA The Council will constantly launch media and verbal attacks against Christians. The organization must be careful not to pose any serious problems to the country. There will be leadership crisis that can cause disorderliness in the Council. The NSCIA will sue for peace in the country.
AFRICAN CHURCH OF NIGERIA They should pray not to lose any prominent member or leader. The African church Arch-cathedral Bethel Lagos must be careful so that there will be no challenges. There will be confusion in the setting. Let us pray not to lose any one among them. There will be leadership crisis and there will be the need for the church to be more prayerful.

He will take some steps that may be condemned by the people. The Pope will make certain mistakes. Let us rebuke the death of a Cardinal and Catholic Bishops in Africa. The Pope will make a lot of reviews in his religious activities. He will preach for peace. The Pontiff will take steps that will be criticized. Catholic Priests will be involved in scandals. There will be a review of the law governing Priesthood in the Catholic Church. I foresee that Pope Francis will change many of the rules of the Catholic Church which will not be in conformity

The Traditional Institution in Nigeria must be committed into prayers for divine protection. In South West, North, South East and the South-South we need to commit all the Traditional Rulers into prayers so that we will not lose a Prominent King suddenly and that no Traditional Ruler will be rubbished. I foresee that some traditional rulers will be implicated for wrong doings. The Kings need to be extremely careful and watchful so that none will be kidnapped. Let us rebuke fire incident in any of the Palaces. Let us be watchful so that the traditional institution in Nigeria will not be molested and ridiculed. I foresee that some traditional rulers will be dethroned while I foresee the burning of some Palaces. Some Obas will be taken to court. The salaries of Emirs, Obas and Kings in the Eastern parts of the country will be reviewed.


In the nearest future I foresee that a very large percentage of all the present political parties will not be in existence again. There will be changes in their names. I foresee that there are states in Nigeria where the newly registered political parties will be accorded acceptability against the old political parties. I foresee that the APC wall will crack even as there will be disunity. The beauty of the APC will not be there again as the party will face a major challenge.

will be making efforts to win at the center that is the Presidential post. The APC will not take things easy with the opposition political parties as there will be constant threats from the government. I foresee that the APC will have problems that will affect its activities nationwide. This may not be now but it will come up in the nearest future as the party will be rejected at the polls. The spirit of God says in a free and fair poll the APC will lose in the South-West Geopolitical Zone. If the PDP failed to pick the right candidate and also re-strategize the party will not achieve success as expected. The PDP must understand the terrain, form a political party that is ready to damn the consequences, pray fervently before they choose members and also work tirelessly to fight the APC before the PDP can win. The PDP supporters will fight the APC ruthlessly.


The Electricity Distribution companies in the country will fail to install Meters for Private use. The companies will be taken to court. Their billing and mass disconnection exercises will cause problems for the companies. The government is yet to get it right on the problems of electricity supply in the country. There will be disagreement between the electricity distribution companies and the government even as crazy bills will persist.
NIGERIA People will be angry because many things will not be going on as expected in the social and economic areas. I foresee that there will be many fake employment Services Agencies. Ghost workers will be detected in government offices. I foresee that government will introduce new laws to control the religious activities of Churches and Mosques. The activities of Scammers will become more rampant and government will take steps to curtail it. Let us pray to rebuke a disaster that will shake the entire nation vigorously.

I foresee also that politicians will fight the media practitioners. I foresee that Journalists in the country will be rubbished and detained unnecessary by power mongers. I foresee that in the Nigeria Immigration Service the life

The spirit of God revealed to me that we must pray against disasters in these states: Kebbi, Jigawa, Bayelsa, Anambra, Imo, Sokoto, Kaduna, kano, Benue, Plateau and Lagos. I foresee that Government will use the issue of salary as a political weapon. Some state will owe their workers backlog of salaries. Payments will be done towards the elections so as to cajole Nigerians.
explosions, tanker explosion and an increase in the cost of food stuffs prices. The prices of food stuffs will not be stable. The South West governors will take steps to start mechanized farming. I foresee that cases of stealing and armed robberies will take another dimension in the country. In Nigeria there will panics here and there because of the political crisis and the state of the economy. There will be armed robbery, kidnappings and political assassinations.


As the spirit of God revealed to me there will be frustrations at all points before the new government will come. I foresee that the cabal will block the newly elected people from coming on stage. The year 2019 election will surprise a lot of people as there will be various moves and methods to be used for rigging purposes during the election.

I foresee that the election will not be conducted in some parts of the country because of violence, fighting and shootings in some of the polling centers. Let us rebuke death in any of the INEC offices. Many qualified aspirants will be sidelined and this will generate bad blood in the parties. APC will do direct primaries in some states just to satisfy the party members which people will not be happy about because it will not be a free and fare election. From the new political parties they will not get the right person because of the level of ideas.
of money. The technology will be locally developed by a Nigerian Engineer.


The governor will make efforts but he will be blackmailed. The governor will be disappointed in his main Assistants. The government will owe salaries and pensions. His bid for a second term in office will be challenged. Some areas that are not developed in the state will cry out to the governor. The state needs to be watchful because the government will borrow money and source for fund for it to stabilize. The governor will be accused of various issues.
The Head of Service will be changed. There will be a new Chief Judge in the state even as the government will want to expand its services. Let the state be watchful of strange attacks, armed robberies, gun shots, student unrest and killings. The state will take steps to increase its Internally Generated Revenue. Promises made to farmers will not be actualized. The governor will take his projects so serious but may not be successful as
expected. Let the state pray against boat wreck. There will be problem of land grabbers and communal crisis in Ondo state. The state will be confused because Obas will be troubled in the state. The state will want to increase its agricultural outputs. The farmers will need fertilizer and financial supports. Let us rebuke killings even as some commissioners will be indicted. Akure Airport will be shut down. Let us rebuke the death of any traditional leader in the state.

Oyo state should pray not to lose a prominent person, a professor and a onetime lecturer. Some political appointees will face series of troubles in the state. The Oyo state branch of the Health workers will go on strike. Let the state pray not to lose any local government chairman and let them pray against fire outbreak. The state must pray not to lose any market head. Let the state pray against killings. Oyo state needs prayers for uplift. I foresee that the state will lose an Elder Statesman. Let us pray against cases of collapsed buildings in the state.

The state must rebuke fire outbreaks in any of the palaces and markets. Let us pray to avert communal crisis in the state. Let us rebuke death and rowdy situation in the state. The Speaker should pray for long life. Let us pray for prominent leaders in the state for divine protection. I foresee the opposition will take steps to cause problems for the government. I foresee that the governor will be accused wrongly. Some people will gang up against the governor. I foresee the demolition of structures in the state that will be wide condemned.

The Ladoke Akintola University of Technology will be shutdown or taking over by the federal government in the nearest future. Cocoa House will be closed down because the Oodua Group (owners of the property) will not be taking proper care of the structure. Let us pray for peace in Oyo state. I foresee that the outgoing governor of the state will take wrong steps. There will be problems in the process of having a new governor in the state. The state government will be owing workers salaries even as the civil servant will be angry with the government.


The state needs prayers for success, progress and must be prayerful because there will be so many issues that will be bothering the leaders in the state. I foresee that workers will embark on protest. Let the state pray against explosions and any fire outbreak. The state needs success at every point in time. Pensioners will protest in the state. Let us rebuke killings in Osun state. Doctors will go on strike even as the state will experience new

developments. The traditional institution in the state will become stronger. The Ooni of Ife will perform a prominent role in the state. Let us rebuke the death of any of the Obas in Osun state. Let us pray against divisions among the Obas. In the coming governorship election in the state, the APC must re-strategize and put its house in order to win. The PDP must really work hard to break the record and win the state.

I foresee that the party will call for a coalition with the ADP in Osun. I foresee that a serious coalition will unseat the APC especially in Osun and even at the Federal level.
Boripe, Boluwaduro, Ife south, Ife central, Ejigbo, Egbedore, Ila, ola oluwa, Oriade, Isokan, Odo otin, Ede north: all these local governments should be committed into the hands of the Lord to avert any crisis. Osun state should pray not to lose any professor or highly respected chief. The state will make life more meaningful for the people by providing some infrastructures. Let us rebuke land disputes in Osun state. Let us rebuke blood bath and erosion in Ile-Ife.


The state needs prayers for divine intervention. The governor will face some political challenges. The governor will experience political gang ups against him. Let us pray against explosions and Flooding in Lagos state. I foresee that the Lagos state deputy governor will be troubled as I foresee gang up against her post so as to deny her a second term. Let us pray not to lose any Oba in Lagos.

Let us pray not to lose a prominent business man, politician and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria. Some people will gang up against the effort of the governor in the state. The government will generate more income from taxes. Lagos state needs prayers so that there will be no dark days in Lagos.
I foresee that rain will cause havoc in Lagos state. I foresee the developments of new road networks. The spirit of God says Lagos state will not relax its upward review of the land use charge and this will be condemned and it will give the government problems especially towards 2019 polls.

The health sector workers in the state will go on strike. Houses will be demolished in Lagos. Let us rebuke the outbreak of cholera in Lagos. Let us pray against attack on any court and the palace of any Monarch. Let us pray not to lose any Baale and also a onetime governor and also a Commissioner. Let us pray not to lose any present chairman of a local government and Leader of the state House of Assembly. Some Local Governments chairmen will be removed. Let us pray so
seeing a new Lagos where things will change positively. Let us rebuke fear and threats in Lagos. Let us rebuke the outbreak of diseases, killings and kidnappings. I foresee a group coming on board that will not be a threat to the political calculations of 2019 but that will become politically active and formidable after the 2019 polls.
Lagos state health workers will go on strike and they will be having issues with the government. Let us pray against an emergency situation in Lagos state. At the Apapa Port, let us pray against explosions and also in any other Ports in Lagos state.
Let us rebuke plots against the governor of Lagos state as I foresee that political enemies will gang up against his position for a second term. The governor must be very careful to guide against scandals and blackmails. The Opposition will trouble him and thus must not underrate any Opposition threat at all. Lagos state Inland Revenue will increase its internally generated revenues. The Chairman of the Lagos Inland Revenue Service LIRS must be careful of any challenges. The state will put more efforts towards the development of its water resources. The state will help the farmers, market men and women in the areas of agriculture and markets development. The market women in Lagos state must pray for peace and unity. Let us pray to rebuke strange


Let us pray for God’s wonders in the state. The House of Assembly needs prayers for guidance against conflicts of interest. The Yewa people will cause major political threats in the politics of Ogun state. Ogun state needs prayers for protection. Let us pray not to lose any Oba and rebuke calamities in any school in Ogun state. Ogun should pray against flooding that will kill people and also pray against the activities of land grabbers and kidnappers. The Eguns in Ogun state will be sidelined. Let us pray against the death of a past governor and a Prominent Leader in the state. The APC and the PDP in the state will fight. There will be political tension in the state. The state will borrow money for its developmental projects.


The Igbomina will have problems because they will plot against themselves. The state should pray for peace and unity. The state will want to move and succeed. Let us pray not to lose a prominent politician in the state. Let us rebuke the killings of students. Let us pray against major accident in the state. The Northerners in kwara state will have issues. Teachers in the state will ask for increment in their salaries. The spirit of God says the governor of the state will be attacked. He will decamp from the APC to the PDP. The state will do a lot to succeed. The Kwara state governor will be pursued by the EFCC.


The state will face a lot of challenges. The present governor will be confronted with various problems. I foresee that his political foes will multiply. The APC and the PDP in the state will engage in bitter acrimony towards the coming governorship election. I foresee that the state will be in total confusion. There will be killings and assassinations. The people must pray against confusion in Ikere, Emure, Ido-Osi, Ikole and Ado local governments.

I foresee that many of the ongoing projects of the Fayose government will be put under serious scrutiny. The traditional rulers in the state must be careful to avoid problems as some of them will want to be partisan in their political pronouncements. The two leading political parties in the state will employ different gimmicks towards the coming governorship election. I foresee that the APC will eventually win. There will be money politics in the state. There will be very open moves to rig the election. The people will be cajoled, intimidated and threatened before the election day. Ekiti state must be committed into prayers so as to survive the underground moves of the political actors designed to throw the state into panic and confusion


WTN 2001-2002 page22; National Assembly will pass a law on 2003 election which will fail. The then electoral law as passed was a great failure.  WTN2002-2003 page 116; There will be crisis in the Niger Delta Punch of March 19 ,2003 page 8 reported the deployment of troops to the Region.  WTN2002-2003 page105 says; there will be problem in Iraq. The Monitor newspaper of Feb 16 2003 reads on page 27 Iraq; the world say no to war.  WTN2002-2003 page67; we should pray to God to help the Judiciary come 2003 because some of them will be retired. Daily Times Of Sept 27, 2002 page1 reads NJC names 6 Judges recommended for sack.  WTN2002-2003 page58 says; Enugu state needs prayers as unforeseen problem will rise against the Governor..Punch of October 9, 2002 says; Enugu crisis, Senate disagrees with Reps sets up peace panel.  WTN 2002-2003 page98; Israeli- Palestinian crisis will persist. Israel and Palestine remain foes till date.  WTN2002-2003 page52; I foresee that not all lawmakers in the National Assembly will finish their terms; Daily Times of Jan 31, 2003 says Reps hold
special session in honour of fallen colleague.  WTN2002-2003 Page 135; the demise of Oba Oyekan was foretold. On March 8 2003 the Oba passed away.  WTN2002-2003 page122 says: We should pray for the government in Ivory Coast as the people will rise against it. Daily Times of Jan 31 2003 says on page 44 French citizens flee Ivory Coast as peace talks failed.  On Jan 4, 1998 in an interview with Daily Times the Primate predicted the imminent death of a member of the Provisional Ruling Council and emphatically he said Abacha will not succeed himself. On June 8, 1998 Abacha died.  WTN2002-2003page131 says let the NNPC Management pray against riot and destruction of depots. Daily Times of March 28 2003 reports Mosimi Depot gutted by fire  WTN2002-2003 page39 says Nigeria will qualify for Mali2002. Nigeria qualified as predicted.  Lagos Weekend of Nov 30 2001page 8 says; there will be Independent power projects in Nigeria. Lagos and River state pioneered the project.  Lagos weekend Nov 30 2001 page8: IMFNIGERIA relationship will not benefit the country .the two disagreed as predicted.  Lagos Weekend March 7 2003 page 16; Obasanjo will return as our number one citizen. In 2003 he was re elected president.  Sat Champion Jan18 2003 pg27 says AD Party
will lose in Ondo and Osun.AD candidates Adefarati and Bisi Akande lost.  PM News29 Dec2008 says Killer drug will be on rampage. A brand of teething powder killed many children in Lagos.  City People Jan14 2009 page23 says we need to pray not to lose a prominent highlife musician. Dr Orlando Owoh died.  Eko Today 16 Dec 2002 page 3 says; the oil rich part of Bakassi will go to Cameroon. Nigeria handed over Bakassi peninsular to Cameroon.  Global ExcellenceNov29 2005 page10; says God revealed Stella Obasanjo’s death Stella passed away.  Breaking News of March 17 2006 page2 says Dr Chris Ngige will be removed as Anambra Governor. The court removed him.  Breaking News Aug 1 2005 page4 says unknown person will rule Lagos state. In 2007. Raji Fashola was elected governor.  Sat Champion Dec27 1997 page 29 says There will be serious plane crash in Nigeria; ADC plane crashed at Ejirin.  First Weekly Mag Sunday Dec9-15, 2007 page9;says Mike Okiro will be confirmed as Inspector General of Police.  WTN2002-2003 page 152 says Former Cross River Deputy Governor efforts will not be rewarded. Hon John Okpa resigned says he did so for peace to reign.
 Tribune Nov23 2014pg51 says Ghana former President [Mahama] will not find it easy to secure second term. John Dramani Mahama lost to NanaAkufo-ADDO  Global Excel Tue jan 25 2015 page38 says Lets pray we don’t lose a lawyer or a prominent Activist Barr Fred Agbaje passed away.  WTN2009-2010 Page2 say In Nigeria I foresee a period when the use of Solar Energy will be accorded top priority in Nigeria. Many Nigerians now use Solar Panels to supply electricity.  WTN 2003-2004 Page37 says the Metroline project of Lagos state will fail. The project failed to see the light of the day.  Daily Indep Sunday June7 2018 page D4 says; The North will be divided over the second term bid of Buhari. Political big wigs from the North decamped from APC the ruling party.  Page 201- WTN 2017/2018: President Jacob Zuma will be charged for corruption and will face challenges towards the end of his tenure  Page 16 WTN 2017/2018: Nnamdi Kanu will not be the one to actualize the dream of a sovereign state of Biafra  Page 68 WTN 2017/2018: Rabah local government should pray against different evil plots that will cause major complications. Unknown gunmen on motorbikes invaded villages in the Local Government and killed 40 villagers  Page 64 WTN 2017/2018: Barkin Ladi Local
government of Plateau state must be security conscious because of strange things. Herdsmen caused havoc in the local government and many lives were lost  Page 133 WTN 2017/2018: Ancelloti will have problems with his club management. Ancelloti sacked by Bayern Munich board September 28 2017 due to poor performance  Page 133 WTN 2017/2018: Antonio Conte should pray so that his efforts could be rewarded. Chelsea board dismissed Antonio Conte due to poor outings  Page 1 WTN 2017/2018: Let pray not to lose any first lady past or present. Hajia Zainab Nyako former Adamawa state first lady died on 21/6/18 at age 63  Page 6 WTN 2017/2018: Some members of the national executive council of APC will be changed:- Adams Oshiomole emerged as new national chairman of APC  Page 7 WTN 2017/2018: I foresee that the agreement between the various parties that formed APC will not go as expected. Due to irreconcilable difference the nPDP which transformed into Reformed APC decamped from the APC.  Page 15 WTN 2017/2018: The handling of the accounts of the recovered funds will generate a lot of issues and the handling will cause lots of misconception in the country. Nigerians express mixed feelings on the handling of the Abacha loots  Page 16 WTN 2017/2018: Militants will cause a lot of troubles in the Niger Delta zone by going on
rampage. Niger Delta militants list key oil assets targeted for destruction.  Page 17 WTN 2017/2018: Problems created by Fulani Herdsmen will take another dimension. The cattle rearers killed many innocent people in Middle Belt Zone of Nigeria especially Benue and Nassarawa States.  Page 17 WTN 2017/2018: Kidnappers will be taking unexpected people hostage. Notorious Evans the billionaire kidnapper arrested after many atrocities.  Page 9 WTN 2017/2018: Nigeria needs prayers against natural disasters- earthquake: earth tremor reported in Daura Katsina State in July 2018  Page 163 WTN 2017/2018 : Punch Newspaper must pray against recording deaths in the fold: the Chairman of the Newspaper Board passed away  Page 195 WTN 2017/2018: North Korea will produce chemical weapon of mass destruction and create crisis in the world even as there will be an increase in provocative statements from North Korea. USA put its forces on red alert to attack the North Korea nuclear facilities  Page 202 WTN 2017/2018: There will be serious cases of killings and rape in South Africa. Many foreigners killed in South Africa due to attacks on foreigners  Page 96 WTN 2017/2018: There will be administrative changes in the Police Service Commission: the Okiro led board was dissolved and Musiliu Smith
emerged new chairman of the Commission.  Page 95 WTN 2017/2018: Let pray against loss of lives of police operatives in active service: 7 police operatives killed by gunmen at road checkpoint in Abuja  Page 90 WTN 2017/2018: Nigeria will take steps to set up a national carrier. Minister of State for Aviation announced the setting up of Nigeria Air  Page 10 WTN 2017/2018: Nigeria should pray not to lose any prominent person. Former CBN Governor Adamu Ciroma passed away  Page 28 WTN 2017/2018: Governor Willy Obiano of Anambra state must not decamp from his current party in order to sustain his continuity in office: Chief Willy Obiano won the polls to remain in power for second term as governor  Page 40 WTN 2017/2018: Ekiti State needs to take extra caution on security because of the activities of herdsmen. Due to the atrocities of Fulani cattle rearers, Ekiti state government promulgated Anti- grazing law in the state.  Page 40 WTN 2017/2018: The spirit of God says: No court will remove the Governor (Obaseki) from office despite the plans of the opposition groups. He won the court cases up to the Supreme Court  Page 7 WTN 2017/2018: The PDP will form an alliance with some new political parties in order to sustain the party. The PDP entered into a memorandum of understanding with 38 Parties towards 2019 polls  Page 193 WTN 2017/2018: The people will not
support the incumbent government of Sirleaf in Liberia. President George Weah of the Congress for Democratic Change Party emerged the new President of Liberia after the 29th December 2017 polls  Page 57 WTN 2017/2018: I foresee tension based on chieftaincy matters in Oyo State. Olubadan’s overwhelming powers will be whittled down. Oyo State government approved 21 new kings in Ibadan Land. Olubadan kicked against this.  Page 63 WTN 2017/2018: Let pray against fire outbreak in Plateau State. 270 shops destroyed by fire in the Terminus market inferno.  Page 68 WTN 2017/2018: Sokoto State government will encourage children to go back to school. Sokoto governor signed Right to education law. Children of beggars to get free education in Sokoto State  Page 182 WTN 2017/2018: I foresee that the English speaking part of Cameroon will seek to pull out agitating for a separate nation. English speaking opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) reported killings and other abuses against independence- seeking militants  Page 30 WTN 2017/2018: The Benue state governor will be greatly troubled as regards his second term bid. Due to political uncertainty , Governor Ortom decamped to the PDP  Page 6 WTN 2017/2018: APC will experience internal wranglings that will cause division and confusion in the party. 15 APC senators decamped to PDP
 Page 6 WTN 2017/2018: I foresee an Alliance of some parties that will want to replace the APC slogan “change” R- APC and other parties formed an Alliance with PDP towards 2019  Page 6 WTN 2017/2018: Corruption will remain if politicians are still allowed to be inducing the electorate with money. Money tackled money in the just concluded Ekiti State Governorship polls as reported  Page 3 WTN 2017/2018: The Senate President will face so many challenges. Moves to impeach the Senate President failed even as the Police linked him with the Offa Bank robberies.  Page 3/4 WTN 2017/2018: Budgetary provisions will generate heated debates and arguments in the National Assembly. Budget padding caused confusion in the National Assembly and even generated issues between the Executive and the Legislative Arms of Government.  Page 104 WTN 2017/2018: Sheik Ibrahim El- Zaky Zaky will become demoralized. The leader of Islamic Movement in Nigeria is now in Government custody accused of treasons.  Page 11 WTN 2017/2018: Nigeria will experience flooding in some states. Serious flooding ravaged Katsina and Ogun States  Page 13 WTN 2017/2018: Dr Alex Ekwueme must seek for God’s divine intervention concerning his health. The former Vice President died due to health complications


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