My shape is my biggest asset- Oritoke Balogun

Without doubt she is one of the hottest actresses now in Nollywood especially in Yoruba sector, and if there is anything that could easily get her notice by opposite sex it is her sexy figure. Though she will not like to be drag into talking about her shape rather she will tell you “I love my shape as it is”.

Welcome to the world of s Oritoke Balogun. Though she has been in the industry for years but with her recent performance this beautiful actress who learnt the profession of make believe from Baba Latin is set for next level

“I think I have paid my dues, the next thing for me is to move to next level. I have acted in many like Mr. President, Obalola, Abobaku, Ife odogba, Gbekude among other ones. I am not flying my cards in arrogance manner but I believe I have done enough even though there is still room for improvement “

When probed further on how she joined the industry she disclosed that it was Baba Latin that introduced her to the profession

“I can t stop thanking Baba Latin; he has been of great influence in my career. But I believe I am still yet to get there but with the help of almighty God and hardworking I shall get there”

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