Yesterday, 4th, April, 2019 was indeed a memorable and red letter day in the life of renowned Islamic Scholar, Sheik Jamiu Ajadi Sanusi Amiolohun, as the world celebrated scholar holds a spectacular birthday amidst fun and pageantry. The birthday celebration that held at Taynet aces event centre, Alakuko, Lagos has in attendance  the cream-de-la-cream in the society.

Meanwhile, the just wedded  sheik has broken a record as the first Islamic scholars in Nigeria to mark birthday with lecture and seminar. The lecture was tagged Ami Olohun Global Conference. Some of the important personalities that delivered  lectures that day were: The Aare Ona-kaka-fo of Yoruba Land, Iba Ganiyu Ige Abiodun Adams, Doctor Joe Odumakin, Timi of Ede, Oba Muniru Laminisa and Alhaji  Abdulahi Gbade Akinbode.

The celebrant and his beautiful bride, Hajia Baliks, were ushered to the hall with standing ovation from the guests and  whole hail was engulfed with joy and hapiness. After the lectures from the various  speakers, followed by good music from Qdot, Iya-n-ghana, Tiwa and host of others. There  were also lot to drinks and eat. It was indeed a day of joy for Sheik Ami Olohun and his lovers across the globe.    

Below is the part of the lecture delivered by Sheik Ami Olohun .

Hello everyone
I greet you with the name of the most beneficent and merciful, the greatest doer. May the peace of God almighty be with you all.
Good afternoon. On behalf of sanusi’s, myself and my lovely, adorable wife we say a very big Thank you for honoring our invitation to be part of this excellent and motivating conference aimed at reshaping our livings, our views towards each other in accordance to humanly endowment irrespective of religion.
Been Human is been kind, benevolent and tolerance.
It’s highly important to think of who created thoughts, one who created the heaven and earth, God is love, same as heaven. Life is vanity and have no other elucidation or definition but vanity. Mysteriously, Many people thought they love God, but their temperament is unGodly.
It’s crystal clear that Humanity rises out of love and peace. No love no peace, no peace no love both are tantamount and forwarding.
Let’s speak with the language of love
Do not discriminate one another, love your neighbor as yourself
Religion and notable religion leaders preaches peace and love which typically equivalent to what HUMANITY stands for. Any initiatives designed to against what humanity stands for is nothing but illegal, obscure, illicit, illegitimate, felonious, unwarranted and verboten.
What is HUMANITY? A profound understanding of value of human life, and the ability on cognitive level, to put yourself on someone else’s shoes and feel their pain, and be moved to celebrate and rejoice in happiness, and to be motivated to end suffering in whatever form it takes. to treat people with humility as yourself wishes to be treated. And finally, to understand all creatures on this earth have life to live and that life need to be lived with compassion.
Sensitivity and compassion for any creature, helping them when they are in need that’s humanity.



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