How Shina Peters’ 60th birthday unites Seun Aransiola and Titi Oguntoyinbo

The long time rivalry between two juju princesses, Seun Aransiola and Titi Oguntoyinbo was on Sunday, June 10, 2018 brought to an end at the venue of 60th birthday celebration of juju maestro, Sir Shina Peters  at Carhug Lounge, Anthony Village, Lagos.
The reconciliation move was initiated by the celebrant himself, SSP as chairman board of trust of the association who invited his music god father, Admiral Dele Abiodun to effect the peace move and bless the wary factions who heeded the instruction and words of advice to end the feud. They were later made to jointly perform peace and

reconciliation songs, ‘No more war’ and borrowed leave from Sir  Shina Peters’ one of hit tracks, ‘My friend, forgive me……….. ‘.
Both united openly and received the blessing of the president, Queen Ayo Balogun who was equally joyous and elated that the long time rivalry has become a thing of the past in her life time as the head of the association.
This was one of the major highlights  of the event.

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