Oluwabukola Alice Olaleye, not a doubt is a paragon of beauty, the very slim damsel is very beautiful in and out, she is very humble and an amazing soul . One thing that would attracted any mortal to this angel on earth is her smile, her smile is a killer  and can makes a man go hay wire.

Apart from beigh a good communicator, Oluwabukola is a model who has featured in many outdoor advertisements. The Oke-Igbo, Ile Oluji,Ondo State born who is a current face of  OJUTOLE BLOG is the CEO and Managing Director, Fantastic  Ushers and Event based in Lagos.

Oluwabukola  was born on August 11th. A native of Oke-igbo (ile- oluji local govt) ondo state. An interior and exterior expert. She speaks Yoruba, English,French and Chinese.
She received degree in English and international relations from Osun State University, Oshogbo. She obeyed the clarion call (NYSC) at the Lagos State radio service in the year 2017.

She bagged a diploma in customer service relations. Also had a training in French and German at George Richard institute of international languages.
CEO fantastic ushers and event. She once urshed at Senator Iyiola omisore, former Deputy Governor of Osun State) Campaign in 2014.
And also at the 80th birthday of Former Lagos State Deputy Governor, Chief Rafiu Bakare Jafojo.

Recently,  Oluwabukola, granted an exclusive interview with us. During the interview, very beautiful and cultured Oluwabukola opens up on her life, business and many things about herself. Enjoying.

She received numerous awards for commitment and Immeasurable progress of the cherubim and seraphim church unification campus fellowship. She is a dancer and lover of Christ.

OJUTOLE Blog: What prompt your idea of going to ushering job?

Oluwabukola Olaleye: Basically, I had flare for events. It has been my thing. I have once worked as an usher in various events. So I though of having my own brand since it’s what I love doing.
OJUTOLE Blog: Did you have formal training on this job?

 Oluwabukola Olaleye: In essence Dos and Don’t of ushers

 OJUTOLE Blog: How will you describe your experience when you were working with somebody?

Oluwabukola Olaleye: Well…it was a great for me, because it really placed me to where I least expected. Out of all the ushers have worked with then, I’m always selected to stay where dignitaries are seated. like  governors, commissioners, former governor’s and president etc.
and the the pay was good

 OJUTOLE Blog: What about adversaries from male admirers, how did you cope with this?

Oluwabukola Olaleye: Awnn, I don’t give out my contacts when working. But I had a lot of admirers. All I do is just smile over it. And walk out .

OJUTOLE Blog: People’s perception on ushering job is that it aided prostitution, what is your take on this?

 Oluwabukola Olaleye: My take on this, is that being an usher doesn’t give room for prostitution. It an added income for young ladies out there. We adding beauty to an event doesn’t make us a prostitute. People should change that perception.Nd if ushering doesn’t make me a prostitute. Then I believe other ushers too are not.

 OJUTOLE Blog: Let’s talk about your brand ‘Fantastic Usher’s How many ladies are working with you?

Oluwabukola Olaleye: Presently, I have 16girls, I had audition couple of months back.

OJUTOLE Blog: And what makes you unique among other ushering companies?

Oluwabukola Olaleye: Being fantastic and making events look classy always makes us unique in our own way.

OJUTOLE Blog: How moderate are you charges?

Oluwabukola Olaleye: About charges…it’s affordable and negotiable.

OJUTOLE Blog: Apart from ushering job, what else did you do at Fantastic Ushers?

Oluwabukola Olaleye: Catering services, Birthday suprises
Hampers/Gift boxes, Interior decoration, Event decoration.

 OJUTOLE Blog: How will you describe yourself?

 Oluwabukola Olaleye: Oluwabukola is a simple,focused, beautiful, friendly, and an industrious lady.

OJUTOLE Blog: Let’s talk about your love life, are you married?

Oluwabukola Olaleye: I‘m not married. But in a relationship.

OJUTOLE Blog: Who is your ideal man?

 Oluwabukola Olaleye: I’m always on the lookout for A responsible, caring, romantic, and not a lazy man.

OJUTOLE Blog: Your advice for the youths out there

 Oluwabukola Olaleye: I really want them to be focused, and not to depend on any man. Because God is the only reliable one. Go for what you love doing . And girls/ ladies pls don’t let any man entice you with money or gifts. If you work hard, you will have enough of that. Be a goal- getter.

OJUTOLE Blog: Finally, your contacts for prospective clients?

 Oluwabukola Olaleye: For enquiries/ booking contact me on:   For Bookings and Strictly business.

OJUTOLE Blog: Your social media hand?

Oluwabukola Olaleye: Follow my business page on instagram at fanstastic_ushers and our facebook is fantastic ushers.

Ojutole Blog:Thanks so much for your time?

Oluwabukola Olaleye: You are most welcome, it good to have this amazing time with you.


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