Unveiling  top  female Islamic  singers making waves

Taofik Afolabi

Maryam Akiki

Alhaja  Maryam Akiki: This egun born Islamic
singer is one of the hottest and very talented female Islamic  act in Nigeria.  She came into limelight about 15 years ago
through her album titled ‘Mo dupe’. She
has received a lot of awards and just released a duet album which she
did with Wasiu Alabi Pasuma titled Ebi alalubarika. Akiki is married to another Islamic act,Amir Cisse Oloriire.

Obi Rere
Bashiri mi

Alhaja Rukayat Alawiye Bashiri mi: She is another finest Islamic singer in the country, she learnt the trade of music from another popular Islamic male singer, Mumeen  Damilola otherwise known as Esin-ogba-mi-laye.  She has released many albums  also a winner of many awards.  Rukayat is a wife to famous Islamic musician, Ahmad Alawiye also  known as Alalubarika.


Alhaja  Bashirat Ogunremi -Iya-Ghana:  Iya-Ghana is another good and hot Islamic singer of the moment, she very creative and blessed with unique voice. She has released many albums among them was Iseju kan (One second) She is being in the industry over a decade.

Aminat Omotayebi

Alhaja Aminat Omotayebi:  This petit in stature popularly known as Iya Kekere Eko is another talented act,  the  Ila-Orangun born artiste is gifted and
talented.  Omotayebi  is one the few female Islamic singers that is
gifted with  dance. She has released many albums and she an award winning Islamic musician with very unique voice.

Mujeedat Damilola

Alhaja Mujeedat Omowunmi Lawal: This very beautiful female islamic act is another talent in islamic music world. She became popular many years ago through her debut album ‘Wahabilahi Taofiq’. Mujeedat has already carved a niche for herself in music. She is a recipient of many awards, among was IMAN 2017 most fashionable Female Islamic Act.  She is a wonderful mother of Taiwo, Kehinde and Idowu.


Alhaja Modinat Asabi Barrytide: Modinat, no doubt about it is another fantastic female Islamic Act in Nigeria, she has carved niche for herself among her peers. She has a very unique and adorable voice. She has released many good album and many awards for her efforts. Modinat is the current national Amira of ISMAN.

Kifayat Singer
Misturah Temi-ni- Success

 Alhaja Mistura Aderohunmu Asafa:
Mistura started music as a teenager some years ago, her debut album titled Temi-ni- success was released when she was in primary school.  Mistura is married to American based engineer,  Akanfe Asafa. The very talented   Islamic
act bagged best Islamic act award recently.

Alhaja Kifayat Singer:  Kifayat Singer popularly known as Eni-aye-n-fe came in to lime-lite through her record ‘Eni-aye-n-fe some years ago. She has equally released many good albums and earned many awards too. She is from Eruwa, Oyo State.

Akobi Esan

Alhaja Monsurat Adegbemiro Akobi Esan: This another egun born Islamic singer, Akobi  is very talented and versatile too. She is graduate of Lagos State University, Ojo.She is married to political giant in Ogun State, Alhaji Adegbemiro. The fair in complexion Islamic singer  won an impact award as best Islamic female singer in Nigeria. Her new album ‘ Ramadan is doing very well in the music market.

Alhaja  Aminat Ajao Obi rere: This plus size Islamic  singer came into limelight through her debut album titled ‘Obi Rere’. The album sold more than one hundred thousand copies and she has released many good albums after that. She is  very talented and versatile too.


Shukurat Wazzi

Alhaja Azeezat Otibiya: This is another raw talent in the Islamic music world, the slim and cute Azeezat is a winner of many accolades. She has released many good album and she is not resting in oar to become a force to recon with in the Islamic music world.

Mufuliat Mojere

Alhaja Mufuliat Kolawole Mojere: The very beautiful Islamic act is very knowledge and vast in Islamic music, she is also from Ila-Orangun like Omotayebi and a graduate as Akobi Esan. She was recently honoured with prestigious  award by IIorin Emirate. Her ne w album ‘Igba’ featured Saoti Arewa has sold more than ten thousand copies and still selling

Hajia Shukurat Wazzi Akobi Ayeloyun: The Abeokuta born music act is a product of another top female act, Alhaji  Qamorudeen Odulami Ayeloyun. Akobi Ayeloyun  is a good singer with bright future in the Islamic Music world. She recently hold a ramadan lecture where people were given free medical treatment. She is going to be a star in no far distant future.


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