‘Life Purpose and Darkness to be launched on Sunday

All hands are on deck for the launching of a new book titled ‘Life Purpose and Darkness’  written by the young but highly intelligent and creative motivational speaker, Segun David.

The book will be present to the public on Sunday, 30th June, 2019 at Zapass Hall, Lagos Island Local Government, Lagos Island. Many important and eminent Nigerians are expected to the grace the epoch making  event.

‘Life Purpose and Darkness i s a book every parent should have for the sake of proper guidance when children want to choose career paths. It’s what you should read as a youth before venturing into marriage. It’s what couples should read for better understanding of their spouses.

In the book, the essence of discovering one’s reason for existence in life and how that discovery would influence every aspect of one’s endeavours including career plans, aspirations, choice of spouse and marriage decisions, types of friends as well as being impactful on the immediate sociology-cultural society and the global world is discussed.  Is more than just a mere book, it’s a life changing book that everybody should have at home in respect of their  ages, religions and gender.

SEGUN DAVID is a young and seasoned motivational speaker and career coach with particular interest in the young ones. He has held a series of life-changing talks with young people in Lagos, Ibadan and other places.


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