Lagos based politician and business mogul, Hon. Adedipe Dauda Ewenla, tackles Nigerian Police on Ijegun Explosion

Lagos based business mogul and politician, Hon. Prince Adedipe Dauda Ewenla,  CEO Adedas Development Foundation has raised his concern on the inability of Nigerian police to arrest the vandals behind the recent Ijegun pipeline lnferno.

The philanthropist and astute member of ‘People Democratic Party’ (PDP) said ‘I’m yet to see any arrest made by our Nigeria police since last week that some unscrpolous vandals caused havoc that claimed many innocent  lives and properties at Ijegun . Where are you Nigerian Police, Where are you men of  SARS?. Nobody was arrested almost 10 days now, but if this calamity  falls during election or campaign time, you will see our police running after the members of opposition parties and tagged them as the sponsors of the said vandalisation. That was exact punishment metted on me when i was running for the ticket of house of assembly, Alimosho Constituency 1 in Lagos State. I was arrested and detained for 37 days just because I didn’t accept their offers to join their party in Lagos (A P C).  I was suffered and dehumanised for the offence  I know nothing about .

Up till now, I could not figure out why I was named as the sponsor and culprit of Abule-Egba inferno,  I was not Nigeria civil defence / Nigeria Army or private security officer posted to be monitored the pipeline,  help me ask them wether it has become an offence to be a bona-fide member of the opposition party in Lagos?.

They failed to safe lifes and properties, the major primary duty of Nigeria police force and governance but shifted the blame on innocent Nigerians. My wife was detained,  my friends and families were also arrested, all because iam a strong  member of PDP and aspirant then.


In Nigeria, we have 91 political parties, and every good citizen has right to join any party  of his choice, but in Lagos reverse is the case,  is either they punish you  or you dance to their  tune,


If you refused to dance to their tune and you are more popular than their candidate  you will meet yourself in police’s  custody. You would be detained till after election or four days to the election, so that you would not able to campaign.’

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