Sheik Jamius Sanusi Ajadi Ami-Olohun, is a prominent and famous Islamic cleric and preacher who is widely known world-wide for his factual preaching and spiritual gigantic. His name is visible and pronounced among other clerics in Nigeria and world at large. The very handsome and highly knowledgeable  cleric tells his history.        


On This special day 4th of April, 1991, The day the real sulfur  among sheikh, The Crystal lamp of civility, A knower of hidden meanings and pure essence of the truth, A paradigm of excellence, A whirlwind of spirituality, A waterfall of Revelations, A volcano of Divine Love, A whirlpool of Attraction, A rainbow of Divine Attributes, Courageous, Knowledgeable  matured mind was born in person of Sheikh Jamiu Ajadi Sanusi (Amiolohun) to the family of AlasoDudu in Kishi, Oke Ogun Axis of Oyo State.

The earth shone with excellent rays when he was born, people always trooped to him to find through him, The holiness and happiness of this life and hereafter, He is an ocean to quench the thirst of spirituality in all hearts, He become the talk of the town when he told everyone to come for solat during the Ramadan of 1993/1994 when he was 2-3 years old and to the

unexplainable surprise of many, Both young and old succumbed to the infant’s call. So they come for solat in the compound instead of going to the mosque in their area (oke omode mosque) which he led the whole solat for that Ramadan in his father’s compound. He is a seer, very eloquent, Bold  and sensitive beyond his Age. He tells  people about Islam and back it up with words of the Holy Quran.

The Darkness of Ignorance vanishes in the illumination  of his knowledge Neighbors were amazed by the unbelievable divine powers he possessed as a little boy, He walked and spoke confidently before he was one and half year  old. People do come to visit him to ask about life problem and then daily affairs, He prays for them and prophesized the outcomes. With this little mentioned out of the uncountable spiritual factors and physical attributes he possess.

He become very famous in his home town for 3 reasons.
1. He is so young for all what he possessed.
2. He  never attended any Islamic school nor has anyone teaching him what he saying (islamically).
3. Whenever he prays, the prayers are answered immediately.
He’s from a polygamous family and he is the last born of his mother, He has 3 senior brothers namely Mr lukmon sanusi, Mr Musodiq Sanusi and Mr Gafar Sanusi, He was enrolled to primary school by his father because his desire is to see him become a graduate because in his family they mostly go into trading/business.  He was forced to return home because he has being living alone since he was seven years old in Ajagunna house in 1998 at oke omode area of Kishi where people do come to see him for prayer and spiritual alliance.

During those days, he get brilliant support of one of his brother’s friend Nurudeen Ajagunna by Name. He completed the Primary School in 2002/2003. Even during the primary school days. He is the one who leads on religious matters. He did different lectures in his hometown from one mosque to another. Anywhere announcements are made that he is coming to give lectures. Both the old and young comes out massively to listen to his sermons. Despite his fame and light of the knowledge which has shone brightly all over the community.


His father wasn’t in support of the ways, probably because he feels all is doing was too much for as a little boy. Sheikh was in Jss 1 at Kishi Community Grammar School in 2003 when he put end to his western education career (his western exposure/education will be discussed later in another episode of his bio,  but he sat for junior WAEC in 2006 at IQRA COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL IJAIYE LAGOS When he was preparing going to Hajj that year and that’s the end of his western education) and left his hometown entirely for the beginning of new segment of his propagation and religious Agenda.
Though before he left he was a religion figure in primary school, he was among MSSN preachers in secondary school, he was the main scholar for sheriff guard of Kishi branch.

He was also an authorized preacher in Kishi Central mosque under the leadership of the Chief Imam by then “ Sheikh Soliudeen Alli” All scholars of top echelon in his hometown supported him and allowed him to deliver his lectures in various mosques and their congregation too,  Great scholars like sheikh latif Sakaloro, Sheikh Jamiu Oke Mopo ( Jagunmolu Addinni of Kishi Land) Imam Wahab Oke Omode, Sheikh Imolere, Sheikh Wahab  Gbodofu, Sheikh Kareem and Baba ile Ojapa including Alfa Tohib and Nurudeen Ojapa,

Alfa Tajudeen Alawo etc. He also enjoyed the support of the King Engr Mashoud Aweda arowoduye IBA OF KISHI LAND who Sheikh amiolohun is so close to, from the day he was crowned as king in 1997/98 (king always testify to that in private and public gathering) as sheikh was among the palace preacher and king always supported him also Aare Musulumi of Kishi Land

Alhaji Hameed Agbaije. He was growing stronger and better till 2003 when he left his hometown (Kishi).
Is it just too real to believe?
Most of this mentioned names and places are still there for inquiries

There is a saying that goes thus “ the journey of a thousands mile begin with a step. This journey has no specific destination, No expected shelter nor fitting robes for the voyage. Despite been young and fragile. Sheikh is effervescent  in character, Bold and outspoken, Earlier in the year 2003, Sheikh was invited for a lecture in Igboho town by sheikh Mudashiru Oloola ( Khalifatul Khulafai Tijaniya of Yoruba Land) Chief  Imam of Igboho Central Mosque. Sheikh delivered an awesome lecture to which everyone in attendance was astonished about how a little boy like him could decipher encrypted quotes and Analyze so many things in the Holy Quran which he used in preaching to the muslim congregation to be more righteous in their doing.

He was also invited by the chief imam of Ogboro for visitation, sermon and prayer for the town, The gathering was graced by both the old, young and prominent people in the society. Everyone presence was amazed by sheikh’s knack to illustrate and buttress his sermon with the Holy Quran at such a tender age, words about him started spreading like wild fire across neighboring towns in Oke- Ogun.

He started preaching from neighboring  town to another, spending 2-3 days before returning home. On one fateful day, he embarked on a journey without invitation. To a place where no one knows him neither was anyone expecting him. It was a town called Saki in Oyo state. On getting there he made enquires about where he could spend the night.

He was directed to one of the leading musician who is wealthy in person of late Muhammad Aiki Olusola (Messiah) Sheikh explained himself to him but due to some spiritual attack happening in the town as at then, he couldn’t accommodate sheikh in his house so he referred him to his brother Mr Fatai  Olusola  who the ordered a bike man to take sheikh to an hotel called Balako Hotel opposite muslim hospital, Saki.

The Bike man name was Baba Quadri, He and sheikh talked and sheikh asked him to please come and pick him as early as 5am so they can go to a nearby mosque for Fajr prayer from there he could ask for permission to speak to the congregation after prayer . As early as 5am baba quadri come to pick sheikh as promised and they went to mokola mosque, sheikh spoke to the imam and during the interaction, the imam noticed the eloquent manner in which he speaks Arabic and his choice of words in explanations  of the Holy Quran.

He agreed to let him speak to let him speak to the congregation after fajr prayer. Stating that there is a young Islamic scholar who is here to preach and pray for us all, After the prayer that morning, sheikh delivered an impeccable lecture that where he met Mr Uwais, a car dealer who accommodated for days before travelling back to Togo, Before his journey, he introduced sheikh to his brother (Mr Hamed Electrician) who took sheikh to his own house. Sheikh was been invited from one gathering to another.

Words about him soon circulated the whole town, fortunately the king heard about him, so the king Oba Tijani okere of Saki Land (Now late) invited sheikh to the central mosque in his palace to come and preach a sermon.he  wanted to hear directly from the little boy everyone is talking about. The kings,queens,chiefs and everyone in the mosque during his sermon were left in aweafter his sermon. Since then Sheikh became the kings ally and was given free access to the the palace, sometimes he sits with the king and his chiefs whenever they are passing judgements even  at a tender age of 12. He was already standing in front of kings and queens.

He become highly respected and regarded that almost every known Islamic cleric in that town invited him to come and deliver sermon in their respective Islamic organization, cleric like sheikh oloko, sheikh mujahideen, sheikh Alimi, Sheikh Taofiq, Ekuntakoro and many more scholars in saki.
Sheikh went back to kishi to spend few days. Because he had plans come back to saki during the Ramadan period where he has gained the support and loyalty of prominent personnel too such as Aiki Muhammad Olusola Messiah, Fatai Olushola, Mr Uwais, Mr Ahmed, Muri Arigbagbuwo, Waidi Megida, Mrs Awele, Miss Mujidat and fatai Olaiya Ayantebo, Ibrahim best. His fame has reached the ears of thousands, so when going back to saki from kishi he took along someone called Alfa Bunyamin as a reciter (Ajanosi) And Alfa Mutiu (An elderly man) to accompany him.


Though after few days in saki Alfa Bunyamin and Alfa Mutiu had to return to Kishi. Shiekh went for numerous programmes in saki which were all successful. After Ramadan sheikh decided to embark on another journey. Sheikh left for Ogbomosho were he stayed with a friend called sheikh Ismail Ibrahim Eleha and also met Alhaji Muhammad Fulani, who now resides in Ifo,  Ogun State, During his short stay in Ogbomoso, they were hospitable and supportive, sheikh ismail eleha is the founder of morkaz fauzu wanajat Islamic studies, ogbomoso, sheikh insisted he needs to move on in  his journey so sheikh ismail introuduced him to his friend in oyo called Alfa Afiz. After spending few weeks in oyo, words keep coming to sheikh that he is not yet in his destination.

He needs to move on , then he travelled to Ibadan, on getting to Ibadan the voice came again and told him its not here. Then he had a bus conductor screaming at the top of his voice “Eko Eko Iyana Ipaja Eko” then the voice whisper that is your destination, so he boarded the bus and after few hours they got  Iyana Ipaja which was the last Bus Stop. He alighted from the bus and since he has no specific destination but he has no iota of doubt in his mind, he knows his creator ( ALLAH) who sent him on this journey will never forsake him, as a 12 year old he come to lagos without invitation from anyone, no family or relative, no money or expected shelter, God is wonderful. There is not other GOD except ALLAH.

I decided to put a stop here today as I’ll continue with the remaining later
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