Prophet Olusegun Olumide Ashaye, is one of the anointed ministers of God that is using to free people from shackles of Satan and his agents. The very humble and highly intelligent man of God is the leader and chairman ‘Cherubim and Seraphim Movement New Ambassador District Ayo NI O, located at no 18/20 Ayejensinmi, Okerube, Ikotun, Lagos, Nigeria.

Recently, the man of God played host to your darling Ojutole Blog, during our discussion, Prophet Ashaye opened up on his life, church and other things about him in the below interview. Excerpt.

OJUTOLE: For the record purpose sir, can we meet you?

Prophet Olusegun Ashaye: I’m Prophet Olusegun Olumide Ashaye, I’m the district leader and the chairman ‘Cherubim and Seraphim Movement New Ambassador District Ayo NI o’. Our church is located at no 18/20 Ayejensinmi, Okerube, Ikotun, Lagos, Nigeria.

Ojutole: Can you take us in to your family background?

Prophet Olusegun Ashaye: I was born in 1951 in Lagos, but I’m native of Sagamu, Ogun State, I graduated from Lagos State University.

Ojutole: You are a prophet of God, we would like to know how you started your journey as minister of God.

Prophet Olusegun Ashaye: The lord called me when I had a problem with my business, I went to one certain man of God for spiritual solution, but on getting there, the man told me that God is going to use me that was in 1979, the man is dead now. I did not obey what the man told me, I prayed very well that for God to tell me that he was the one that truly called me, I was a contractor then and the business was not doing well after my resignation from Lagos State Government where I worked at the office of accountant general of the state, so I want God to reveal it to me that he truly called me.

After that I went to seminary school at Surulere, where Baba Fakeye  was the head, I was with him for long time, I also worked with him as a worker, he appointed  me as a shepherd for ten years, It was  then God told me that I should go and establish fellowship, we started this district as fellowship in 1997, it was from fellowship that became church, but now we are district.

Ojutole: I want you to tell us how you were eventually convinced that God truly called you

Prophet Olusegun Ashaye: Yes, one fateful day, I was coming from bar beach with my friend and I entered a bus from Mile 2, on getting to Iyana-Isolo, one vehicle hits  a boy, and boy died immediately, I got to  him, poured him a water and boy woke, that was my beginning as a minister of God.

My mummy also told me that one prophet has already prophesied before I was born that I’m going to be a minister of God, my mummy labored for four days and she was told that she could only give birth if a rain fall and the prophet prayed for her and rain fell and I came out from her womb.

Ojutole: what were the challenges faced when you started this district?

Prophet Olusegun Ashaye: Lets forget about that, because the challenges were many, but we thank God that we are doing well now.

Ojutole: Ok, tell us the good ones

Prophet Olusegun Ashaye: I enjoyed the journey with my people, whatever we bind, God bind it for us, and what we release, God releases for us.

Ojutole: Many people belief that cherubim and seraphim are fetish, how true is that?

Prophet Olusegun Ashaye: That is not true, in our church, we don’t associate any other thing with God, if you know God you are serving, don’t look for any other  God, God don’t want rival, if you want serve him, serve him alone.

Ojutole: Let’s digress a little bit from church, let’s talk about your love life, how did you meet your wife?

Prophet Olusegun Ashaye: Did I remember that again?, it is very long time, over 40  years

Ojutole: Ok, how will you describe her?

Prophet Olusegun Ashaye: She is very godly woman; we did many things together and very supportive to my calling.

Ojutole: Is any of your children taking after you in this journey?

Prophet Olusegun Ashaye: Yes, I have a child who is a pastor; he has a church in Ikorodu, another one is in America,  is a prophet too.

Ojutole: How will you compare life in his kingdom and outside world?

Prophet Olusegun Ashaye: The world with God is very beautiful, the world of God is very rewarding than the circular world, in circular world, you will meet a lot of people that would be playing you, trying to dupe you, but in God’s world, nobody can play on you, God will speak to you either through dream or his prophets, I enjoying God’s world because there is no stress in it, just pray and see God’s manifestation, but in circular, there is much stress.

Ojutole: As God tells you anything about our president, Muhammad Buhari?

Prophet Olusegun Ashaye: We are only praying for me, God has chosen him, we are praying for him to make Nigeria better, he will succeed and get out from this poverty level. God will deliver us from mosquitoes that are sucking everything good in this country. We are having a revival in the next two week that we call ‘No more mosquitos’.

All mosquitoes in your life, in your business, in your marriage and all every aspect of your life must die. The revival is coming on 26, 27 and 28 of this month at our district, I’m using this opportunity to invite everybody to come receive God’s blessing and free from these deadly mosquitoes.

Ojutole: Your advice to the people

Prophet Olusegun Ashaye: I will advice people to return to God, let’s go back to God, we should worship God as God want it.

For spiritual guidance and prayer, you can reach Prophet Asaye on:08055796309






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